Conference Services - Exhibition Management and Sponsorship

Exhibition Management and Sponsorship

We are here to help you raise those funds, and we have a proven history of meeting and often exceeding client targets.

Income from sponsors and exhibitors is essential. We will identify all potential supporters in consultation with you, reaching out to new contacts and revitalising existing ones with fresh ideas.

Our ways reaching the desired outcome

How do we create value for 3rd parties?

  • Contact potential supporters with just the right balance of politeness and persistence.
  • Present varying levels of sponsorship, offering a wide range of opportunities with the flexibility to reward your key sponsors while also attracting new companies who may be supporting your event for the first time.
  • Design the conference layout to create a central hub area – including registration, posters, internet area, and refreshments – to ensure a steady flow of delegates around the exhibition.

Our Tasks

Our services include:

  • Developing a fundraising strategy
  • Implementing commercial benefit packages
  • Managing correspondance
  • Handling invoicing and financial management
  • Creating floor plans
  • Allocating space
  • Creating rules and regulations
  • Assessing risks and other health and safety requirements
  • Managing exhibition services
  • Managing construction and uninstalling
  • Managing production sponsorship inventory
  • Sponsors' group registration, including online registration
  • On-site management of sponsors and their satellite symposia
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