Fuel Conference "Towards a Cleaner Society - A Boilerplate for the Transition?"

Conference Conclusions

Concluding the Fuel Conference “Towards a Cleaner Society – A Boilerplate for the Transition?”, Thierry De Meulder, President of UPEI, thanked the distinguished speakers and moderators as well as participants from Estonia and abroad. He referred to the opening speech of Minister of the Environment, Marko Pomerants, who confirmed Estonia’s commitment to an inclusive approach towards building a cleaner society.

The conference was held in Tallinn, on 23 March 2017, only a few months before Estonia is due to assume the Presidency of the European Union. This made the event a timely opportunity to discuss the challenges facing the European Union’s transport sector.

“This has been a fantastic ‘tour d’horizon’ of the situation” commented Thierry De Meulder, “and we have heard today that whilst the transition to a cleaner society is complex and challenging, its success is dependent on the will and ability of all actors to engage and contribute. Today we have brought around the table representatives offering diverse points of view and solutions. We have seen their willingness to contribute in a collaborative manner. This is an important message to the politicians to whom we look, to enable this cooperation in an inclusive manner.”
The Fuel Conference was organised jointly by the World Energy Council – Estonia and UPEI, the European Association representing Europe’s independent fuel suppliers.

Photo of Mihkel Härm and Thierry De Meulder

Thierry De Meulder, UPEI President and Mihkel Härm, Secretary General WEC-Estonia
Fuel Conference “Towards a Cleaner Society – A Boilerplate for the Transition?”
Tallinn, 23 March 2017