Fuel Conference "Towards a Cleaner Society - A Boilerplate for the Transition?"


Photo of Marko Pomerants

Marko Pomerantsn

Minister of the Environment of the Republic of Estonia

Marko Pomerants is the Minister of the Environment of the Republic of Estonia from 23 November 2016. He is a member of Pro Patria and Res Publica Union.

Marko Pomerants was also the Minister of the Environment of the Republic of Estonia from 2015–2016.
In 2011–2015, Pomerants was a member of the XII Riigikogu.
In 2009–2011, he was Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Estonia.
In 2007–2009, he was a member of the XI Riigikogu, and a member of the X Riigikogu in 2003.
In 2003–2005, Pomerants was the Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Estonia.
In 1995–2003, he worked as Governor of Lääne-Viru County. Prior to that, he was Head of the Environment Department and Head of the Nature Protection Service in the same county government. In 1989-1990, he was Deputy Head of Rakvere Nature Protection Administration.
Marko Pomerants is also a member of the Estonian Volleyball Federation.

Born on 24 September 1964, in Tamsalu, Marko Pomerants went to high school in Tamsalu High School. He completed higher education at the University of Tartu, graduating in 1989 in geology; he attained an MA degree in public administration in 2001.

Photo of Einari Kisel

Einari Kisel

Regional Manager for Europe, World Energy Council Secretariat

Einari Kisel is the Regional Manager for Europe in the World Energy Council Secretariat. Before joining WEC Secretariat in 2012, he was engaged for 10 years as the Undersecretary of State for Energy (until 2008 as the Director of Energy Department) in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia, being responsible for all energy policy affairs of the state. In parallel, in 2005-2008 he was the first Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Oil Stockpiling Agency of Estonia. Until 2002 he worked for 7 years in the Estonian energy utility Eesti Energia, where his last duty was the appointment as the Director of Trade.

He has received PhD degree in Power Engineering (Energy Policy), and Master degrees in Thermal Engineering and in Business Administration from Tallinn University of Technology. Married with 3 sons and daughter.

Photo of Chris Malins

Chris Malins

A Globally Recognised Expert in Low Carbon and Clean Fuels Policy

Dr Chris Malins is a globally recognised expert on alternative fuel policy and sustainability. He is the founder of the London-based consultancy Cerulogy.

Previously, Chris spent six years leading thefuelsprogram at the International Council on Clean Transportation. His work has been focused on biofuel policy and sustainability issues in Europe and America and in aviation, the environmental impact of oil extraction and refining, and on the global transition to low sulphurfuels. He is particularly interested in the commercialisation of cellulosic biofuels technologies, indirect land use change and potential biomass availability.

Chris has participated in expert advisory panels onfuelsissues for the UK Department for Transport, California Air Resources Board, International Civil Aviation Organisation, Alberta Department of Energy, European Commission Joint Research Centre, European Commission DG Energy and the EU refinery sector regulatory fitness check. Before joining the ICCT,Chrisled communications for the UK’sRenewable FuelsAgency, the world's first biofuel sustainability regulator. He holds adoctoratein applied mathematics fromSheffieldUniversity.

Photo of Nick Molden

Nick Molden

Founder & CEO, Emissions Analytics

Nick founded Emissions Analytics in 2011 in order to understand real-world fuel economy and emissions from vehicles. The concept was to find a way to characterise vehicles in a relatively short test, and be able to conduct a large number of comparable tests.

The solution was to use Portable Emissions Measurement Systems to source real on-road raw data efficiently across many vehicles. This database is now a platform for analysing and modelling this data, from which are created the EQUA Air Quality Index in Europe and Real MPG in the USA, as well as extensive testing of heavy and light duty commercial vehicles.

Nick is a specialist in data analytics, particularly in the automotive market, through his prior work at Oxford Indices Ltd, a data specialist, United Business plc and Haymarket Media Group.
He is a graduate of the University of Oxford, with an MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Photo of Thorsten Herbert

Thorsten Herbert

Head of Programme Fuel Cells, German National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology

Since November 2008, Thorsten Herbert is driving the market preparation of hydrogen and fuel cell technology in the mobile sector at the National Organization Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology GmbH (NOW) in Berlin. Within the framework of the National Innovation Program Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NIP), he coordinates the topics of hydrogen-powered vehicles for road and rail transport (passenger cars and fleets, such as buses), the necessary hydrogen infrastructure and the on-board power supply for trucks and airplanes. In his Division Transport and Infrastructure, the Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure is also implementing measures to promote battery-electric mobility. After studying mechanical engineering at the TU Darmstadt, Thorsten Herbert worked for Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH and GM Powertrain Deutschland GmbH for over seven years in senior management functions for the system development of automotive fuel cell propulsion systems. In January 2015 he completed a master thesis "Renewable Energies".

Photo of Alessandro Bartelloni

Alessandro Bartelloni

Policy Director, FuelsEurope

Alessandro joined FuelsEurope in September 2011, and is responsible for its advocacy activities.
He is based at the FuelsEurope office in Brussels.

After graduating in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pisa, he joined ENI in 1986, gaining an extensive international experience in many field of the Refining & Marketing sector of the oil industry.
He has been refinery technologist in Italy (Livorno) and in Germany (Ingolstadt), then Project & Investment Planner in the ENI Headquarters in Rome.
Thereafter he held the position of Operating and Planning Director in the Czech Refining Company (Czech Republic).
In 2000 he relocated to the USA, as CEO of American Agip, an affiliate of ENI engaged in trading of oil products and marketing of lubricants.
He then covered the position of CEO in Agip Deutschland, the German commercial affiliate of ENI R&M, with activities in retail (petrol stations), wholesale and refining (as shareholder in the JV refineries of Schwedt and Vohburg/Neustadt).
He then went back to ENI in Italy, first as Retail Business Development and M&A Head for Europe, and then as Chief Technical Executive in the Livorno Refinery.
Alessandro is Italian, and is married with two daughters.

Photo of Renee Joost

Renee Joost

Renewable Energy Development Manager, Eesti Energia

Renee Joost has a PhD in Materials Engineering from Tallinn University of Technology. He is a renowed expert both in renewable energy and in more traditional oil and gas sector. Renee has worked as the CTO of Skeleton Technologies, a maker of world leading ultracapacitors, and has held many different positions in Eesti Energia. Currently he is the Renewable Energy Development Manager at Eesti Energia

Photo of Mihkel Härm

Mihkel Härm

Secretary General, World Energy Council Estonia

Mihkel Härm is the Secretary General of World Energy Council Estonia since 2010. Before he had worked for Eesti Energia in the energy trading department.

Mihkel has Masters degree in Business Administration from the Estonian Business School and another Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Tallinn University of Technology. He is currently finishing his PhD studies, his field of research is energy policy with the focus on energy security and economic competitiveness. Mihkel is part of many international knowledge networks organized by the World Energy Council. His areas of interest include oil market, oil shale, and energy security.

Photo of Alan Vaht

Alan Vaht

Expert on Transport Fuels and Energy

Alan Vaht is an expert on transport fuels and energy. Since 2014 until February 2017 he worked in the oil retailing business in company Olerex as the Member of the Management Board and Fuel Director. Previously, during 12 years, he was responsible for the establishment of the strategical oil stocks of Estonia. As a part of the oil stockpiling project he was the Project Leader of the Security Oil Stocks at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. In 2005 the Estonian Oil Stockpiling Agency (OSPA) was established and Alan became the Executive Officer at the agency. Later, in 2008, Alan were elected as CEO at OSPA where he continued until 2014.

Alan started his career as an engineer in 1999 at Iru Power Plant, Eesti Energia AS. Quick growth from specialist to the Head of Development Department gave the possibility to develop and implement the new technology and renovation projects. He was also responsible for the implementation of profitability analysis of the investment projects as well as planning and management of the investments.

Alan holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree and a Master's of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tallinn University of Technology. Alan is married and has three children

Photo of Sulev Senkel

Sulev Senkel

Development management consultant

Sulev Senkel has several experiences with energy conferences. He has helped to build up, organize and host Estonian biggest energy conferences, which are taking place annually since 2011. His passion with energy conferences is to keep the eye in future solutions and strategies, which giving the new business opportunities to companies in different sectors and for customers.

Sulev participating as development and lean management consultant in different industrial companies, helping them to build up continuous improvement management system, ISO, achieve efficiency in workflow and save energy. He is co-author of Estonian first lean management book “Breakthrough – the art of business continuous improvement”.

Sulev is also supporting governmental companies to implement the value adding criteria’s and alliance approach in public procurement. Meanwhile he is passionate sailor.

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