Baltic Conference of Dermatovenereologists 2024

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the organising committee it is a great honour to welcome you to the Joint Conference of the Baltic countries dermatovenereologists "DIALOGUES OF DERMATOVENEREOLOGY 2024”, which will take place on 9-10 May 2024 in Tallinn, Estonia, Nordic Hotel Forum.


"Dias" - "together", "logos" - "to think" (Greek language).
Dialogue means not only participation, discussion, search, but also a long-lasting emotion afterwards. It is the opposite of anxiety and haste, because it requires time, attention, being together.
It is a formula of open communication, cooperation, working together, where each participant is equally valuable, who gives something that is beneficial to everyone and contributing to a successful result.
That is why, in this fragile, tension-filled period, we decided to organize the annual conference of the Estonian Society for Dermatovenereologists (ENSAS) in collaboration with the Latvian and the Lithuanian Societies of Dermatovenereologists.
The goal is to strengthen friendly relations between doctors from the Baltic countries, share experiences, practical tips and solve complex cases together.

Celebrating the sense of unity of the Baltic countries in the heart of the city Tallinn.
We hope that the time spent together will be memorable not only in a professional sense, but will become a memorable meeting with colleagues, friends and foreign guests from Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Ukraine etc.

9 May, 2024 - the day of satellite workshops: the modern biologic treatment, tropical diseases, sexually transmitted diseases conducted by experts from Germany, United Kingdom, and other foreign countries.
10 May, 2024 - the day of scientific-practical presentations, continuing the traditions of academic excellence, full of different sessions, giving you the opportunity to listen to and discuss with leading experts from Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Germany, Spain and abroad. On the second day, we will mainly focus on tropical diseases, HIV, skin cancer and melanoma diagnostics and melanoma genetics.
Picture of Dr Pille Konno
We are announcing the competition for the most interesting clinical case, in which all residents of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Societies of Dermatovenereologists can participate.
Conference language: English.
During the conference, a general meeting of members of the Estonian Society for Dermatovenereologists (ENSAS) will be held.

The conference is intended for dermatovenereologists, infectologists, allergists and clinical immunologists, general practice and internal medicine doctors, and oncologists.

On behalf of the ENSAS Board
Pille Konno
President of the Estonian Society for Dermatovenereologists