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Information related to our services

  1. When booking our services (e.g. registering to conference or other event) you agree that we may process personal information that was submitted during this process.
  2. Reisieksperdi AS (Conference Expert) hereby confirms that we do not sell, rent or otherwise publish or expose your personal information to third parties. Exceptions to this rule are: if law requires us to do otherwise or if customer service process requires to provide information to our partners.
  3. We use your e-mail address to contact you in the customer service process of the booking (registration). If you do not grant your explicit agreement, then we do not add your e-mail address to our mailing-list.
  4. If your e-mail service provider's mail server supports encryption, then we always send e-mails in encrypted form and they are not readable by third parties while in transit.
  5. We use respectable and experienced third party to provide credit card payments on this website (Nets Estonia and EasyPay, transaction providers located in Estonia). The payment application used by them applies state-of-art methods to protect your data (e.g. encryption all data transfers) and use additional means to authenticate the credit card transaction (MasterCard SecureCode, Verified by Visa). During payment process you are redirected to the secure payment application of service provider and your card data is saved their secure database (we do not handle and save your credit card data). After payment we receive automatic confirmation of the success or failure of payment process (and either automatically confirm booking or in the case of payment failure offer you additional payment possibilities).

Information related to our website

  1. Our websites and applications use cookies (small files that store data on your computer) to handle some parts of customer service process and offer you additional services. These cookies include unique id to identify you. We do not disclose information gathered therein to third parties. You can reject cookies by using the functionality provided by the web browser you use. However correct functioning of our web applications require that session-cookies are enabled.
  2. All traffic between your computer and this public website is fully encrypted by using https-protocol. Our server settings are stricter than current standards (e.g. the length of private key, type of cipher suite and signature algorithm). This means that third parties can not view your information submitted through our website.
  3. Our services are certified as PCI DSS compliant.
  4. All requests made to our website (web server) are logged. Detailed logs are used for error analysis and providing some additional services. Aggregated logs are used to analyse the condition of our servers and applications therein, improving the quality of our services and developing new services. We do not hand over logs to third parties unless required by law to do so.
  5. We use web analytics software that is hosted at our own server. This means that analytic information is not shared to third parties (e.g. Google Analytics or other similar services).
  6. Only third party service that exposes information about you (e.g. ip-address or browser type) is mapping application used at some pages. If needed, please refer to their privacy policy.