Towards Integrated Healthcare 2017


The “Towards Integrated Healthcare” Conference 25th – 26th of October, Tallinn, Estonia

On behalf of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund we invite You to participate in a two-day conference “Towards Integrated Healthcare” in Tallinn, Estonia. We will introduce the results of the Estonian collaboration with the World Bank, where a team of healthcare experts have finalized the report “Payment Systems Review” which offers insights about developing strategic purchasing in Estonia. Furthermore, we will discuss policy measures to improve care integration, including presenting the results of a nation-wide pilot project on implementing an evidence-based model of risk patients for primary care physicians in Estonia.
The conference will include speakers from healthcare institutions and organizations, including The World Bank, World Health Organization, European Commission, the Estonian Ministry of Affairs, Estonian Primary Care Association, and others.

RSVP is available at this link. We would be delighted to assist you with matters concerning accommodation and transportation. All practical information is gathered for your convenience at the conference website. However, you can reach the event secretariat with any questions.
Attendance at the conference is free. Simultaneous English-Estonian and Estonian-English translations will be optionally provided for the registered participants.

The Estonian Health Insurance Fund is celebrating their 25th anniversary of health insurance in 2017.

Event Secretariat - Reisiekspert: Reelika Allemann
Tel: +372 6108638
E-post: [email protected]