Conference News - Information on the Corona Virus in Estonia

COVID-19 and travelling to Estonia

The government has declared an emergency situation until 18.05.20. The government has decided to restrict crossing of the Schengen internal and external border temporarily and reintroduce border controls.

The changes in the normal routine affect, among other things, schools, cultural activities, and cruises. No public events are allowed.
Emergency situation
Current information is available on the website of the Health Board of Estonia:
Health Board of Estonian
As the Health Board has recommended international events to be postponed to the second half of the year, we ask you to follow the information and instructions of the event organizer if you plan to attend an international public event in Estonia in the near future.

The risk of virus introduction into Estonia is very high, the risk of limited local transmission is high and the risk of local widespread is low provided that appropriate disease control measures are taken.

Updated information about travelling to Estonia is also available on the website of Tallinn Airport:
Tallinn Airport