Sea Adventures - Pirate Treasure Hunt

Th' heritage o' Privateers an' sea dogs be integral part o' Estonian coastal culture throughout ages

As a crew o' Schooner Kajsamoor we will take ye aft t' livin' history o' notorious sea dog captains an' wild legends.

Secluded Booty Isle, arrr quest package includes sailin' wi' genuine sea dog vessel from Tallinn t' remote Lasses`s isle, arrr. Ye will wear genuine sea dog costume, Seafarin' hearty captain Limpy Jonathan will prepare Ye fer sailin' an' adventure. While conquerin' th' aborigins infested isle, arrr we need t' meet th' hostile gunfire - luckily our sea dog ship has th' advantage o' bein' in possession o' mortal cannon.
Ages-old booty maps lead our squadron in disclosure o' breathtakin' hidden sea dog bountiful booty. T' keep up th' spirit an' fulfill th' hunger o' adventurers th' wild pig be captured an' fried on th' fire. After th' succesful event th' glorious sea dogs return t' th' metropol o' Tallinn t' spend the'r booty.
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