Adrenaline Rush - Private competition in Tallinn hippodrome

Sit next to the professional trainer in the same carriage

Competing includes full security and does not require any previous experience in this field

The whole competition is carried out by professional management and competition team using best trainers and horses. The event starts with Hippodrome´s representative making a short introduction of history, horses and all activities planned for your competition day.

Hippodrome prepares horses and carriages with professional trainers and all guests have a chance to compete themselves. The guests will have special competition uniforms, casquets and glasses provided by hippodrome.

People will register themselves for each race choosing the race number and horse they want to compete. Horses will gather into starting line and people take the sitting place next to the professional trainer in the same carriage.

After each race the winning ceremony with fanfares and prizes will be held. While some group members are competing in arena, all the other guests are making bets with the nominal value of 1 EUR. Each of them will choose the horse number that they predict to be the winner of the race and register this choice in totalizator. Each guest will have a possibility to make 1 petting of 1-2 EUR for each starting race. The budget includes pre-agreed fund for the totalizator, so the guests do not have to pay anything. The game will be based on this winning fond and after the final all winnings will be paid out.
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