Adrenaline Rush - Living on the edge of Tallinn

Quite a challenge for extreme adventure lovers

You can safely walk on the outer edge of the Tallinn TV Tower viewing platform at a height of 175 meters

This attraction is unique in the Baltic States and in the whole of Northern Europe. You can experience your adrenaline level going sky high as you walk on the outer edge of the “saucer” that comprises the 22nd floor of the Tallinn TV Tower, where up to 4 people can stay at the same time.
Visitors walking on the edge are safely attached with safety ropes. One walk may last up to 30 minutes and participants will have their photos taken, which then can be sent to their email free of charge.
Under your feet are the woods of Muuga. The captivating Tallinn Old Town and the glistening Baltic Sea in all of its majestic glory.
When Estonia was still behind the Iron Curtain, this was for many Estonians a window on the free world – at night one could even catch sight of the lights of Helsinki.
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