Adrenaline Rush - Soviet interrogation

Authentic histotainment

Will you pass the soviet interrogation?

Soviet militia meets you at the harbour and checks for the documents and passports of the tourists. He makes the alignment and suddenly he finds those 3-4 tourists who don’t have visa. This is the reason to take the whole group to the interrogation. The group goes to the Soviet bus where militia is making the sightseeing tour around Old Town on the way to the interrogation venue. On the way, the Soviet bus will break down but finally they make the way to the venue around Tallinn Bay.
The suspicious tourists go through the medical examination, photo – and fingerprint session. The participants learn more about the lifestyle of Soviet prisoners. The 3-4 tourists will be locked and others need to redeem them by answering the sly questions, doing some treasure hunting or giving valuable Marlboro cigarettes or Coca Cola to the greedy Soviet bureaucrats. Finally Soviet patriotism breaks down and Soviets change their tone of voice. On the way back, militia will sing some Soviet songs and offer lots of soviet vodka. Viva Friendship!
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