Adrenaline Rush - High Rope, Low Rope

Spend half a day full of thrills in a local Adventure Park

Memorable experiences are guaranteed for both kids and adults in all ages

Photo by Kaspar Orasmäe. Source: VisitEstonia.

During the program, visitors can climb close to the ground and high in the trees on ropes, cables, planks and pegs.

Adventure, excitement, adrenalin, personal and team challenges are part of the lively context that is more tactical than physical. Climbing the trails is a unique calling, putting yourself to the test in a way that engages and exercises both body and spirit. Gradually moving higher you will find yourself and your company in unexpected situations to bring you closer together.

There are five trails and 55 bridges or attractions in total, including fast descending on rope rail. Safety on the trails is provided by strict safety regulations and experienced instructors.

Total time consumed at the trails can be around 1,5 - 2 hours, and up to 3 hours for bigger groups.
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