EuroMAB 2015 conference in Haapsalu, Estonia - Biosphere Reserves: from heritage to sustainable innovation

EuroMAB 2015 conference in Haapsalu, Estonia

Event Programme and workshops

Detailed Programme for EuroMAB 2015 workshops

Detailed EuroMAB 2015 workshop programme in pdf format.

General Programme

EuroMAB Conference 2015, pre-event day, 18.05.2015

During the dayArrivals to Tallinn. Optional: participants continue to Haapsalu, on their own, by public transport
15.00-17.00Optional: Tallinn Official Sightseeing Tour

EuroMAB Conference 2015, day 1, 19.05.2015

09.00Conference buses depart from Tallinn, Tallinn-Haapsalu bus-schedule
11.00-12.00Participants arrive at Haapsalu. Hotel check-in (hotel check in is guaranteed from 15:00). Conference Registration
12.00-13.00Lunch in the Conference Venue
Mr. Andres Onemar, Environmental Board of Estonia
Ms. Kerli Gutman, Estonian National Commission for UNESCO
Ms. Meriem Bouamrane, UNESCO MAB Secretariat
14.30-15:00Plenary 1. Topic 1: EuroMAB from Canada to Estonia and further on.
Ms. Leelo Kukk, Deputy Director General, Environmental Board of Estonia. Introductory presentation from Estonia
15.15-17.00Plenary 1 continues. Topic 1: EuroMAB from Canada to Estonia and further on
Mr. Jean-Philippe L Messier, Chair of the Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association. Presentation of the EuroMAB Steering Group
Ms. Meriem Bouamrane, Programme Specialist, MAB Secretariat. Update on the Exit Strategy
18.00-20.00Welcome words by the Haapsalu Vice-Mayor. Dinner at the Conference Venue, Plenary Hall

EuroMAB Conference 2015, day 2, 20.05.2015

09.00-10.30Plenary 2. Topic 2: On the way to Lima. From the draft MAB Strategy to the Lima Action Plan
Mr. Martin Price, Rapporteur, MAB ICC and Strategy Group . Towards a Strategy and Action Plan for MAB 2015-2015
Mr. Dider Babin, President, MAB France. Strengthening the future MAB Strategy
11.00-12.00Plenary 2. Topic 3: Branding and communication in EuroMAB
Ms. Meriem Bouamrane, Mr. Jeff Melnyk & Ms. Laurie Bennett. UNESCO MAB Brand & Story
12.00-13.30Lunch - Vegetarian Day in Conference Venue
13.30-18.00Parallel workshops:
A) Communication and branding
B) Biosphere Reserve Landscapes for Human Health and Well-being
C) Social Entrepreneurship: Designation as a driver of sustainable economic development
D) Cultural Heritage and Indigenous Knowledge
19.00Reception and dinner by the Environmental Board of Estonia in Haapsalu Kuursaal (Promenaadi str 1)

EuroMAB Conference 2015, day 3 - Study Tours to Hiiumaa and Vormsi island, 21.05.2015

09.00Buses depart to Study Tours. Departure point - in front of the Conference Venue
Whole day eventStudy tour 1: Island of Hiiumaa (2 buses). Study tour 2: Island of Vormsi (1 bus)
During the day a light snack and local dinner are provided by Organizers
20.00Return to Haapsalu from island Vormsi
22.00Return to Haapsalu from island Hiiumaa

EuroMAB Conference 2015, day 4, 22.05.2015

09.00-12.00Parallel workshops:
E) COBWEB: Empowering Citizen Science in Biosphere Reserves
F) Participatory Approaches and Development of Local Economy in Biosphere Reserve
G) (Re)creating a network of Biosphere scientists
I) Education for Sustainable Development and Biosphere Reserves
12.00-13.30Lunch and networking sessions
13.30-16.00Plenary 3. Follow-up of workshops. Conclusions and recommendations. Conference wrap-up. Closing ceremonies
16.00-16.30Goodbye coffee-break
16.30Departures to Tallinn or to a post-event. Post-event: Study tour to Matsalu National Park and islands of Saaremaa and Muhumaa

EuroMAB Conference 2015, day 5, 23.05.2015

Whole day eventPost conference tour of islands of Saaremaa and Muhumaa
21.00Return to Tallinn.

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