EEMCPDM 2024 Preliminary Programme

Event Venue - Sokos Hotel Viru ( Viru Square 4, Tallinn)

Thursday, June 13th




Conference Opening Ceremony

  • Opening ceremony - Konstantin Rebrov, Tallinn Children's Hospital , Estonia
  • Opening ceremony - Janek Mäggi, Tallinn Children's Hospital Foundation , Estonia
  •      09:30-10:00„First 20 years of EEMCPDM.“-Marek Jóźwiak, Poland

    Body posture and stability

         10:00-11:15„What is the evidence for conservative treatment in neuromuscular scoliosis?“-Freeman Miller, USA
         10:30-11:00„Are the indications for scoliosis surgery different in CP, NMD and spina bifida?“-Mikko Mattila, Finland
         11:00-11:15Oral Abstracts
         11:00-11:05O1 - Differentiated Surgical Treatment Of Knee Flexion Contractures In The System Of Complex Orthopedic Treatment Of Children With - Paviel Rakhman, Ukraine
         11:05-11:10O2 - Investigation of the stress-strain state of the foot model before and after surgical treatment by different methods - Paviel Rakhman, Ukraine
         11:10-11:15O3 - Treatment of knee flexion deformity in cerebral palsy; surgical correction of extreme deformities - Muharrem Inan, Turkey

    Coffee break, exhibition


    Neuromuscular diseases

         11:45-12:05„SMA -Treatment options - Is there a chance for a cure?“-Katarzyna Kotulska-Jóźwiak, Poland
         12:05-12:25„New treatment options for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.“-Katarzyna Kotulska-Jóźwiak, Poland
         12:25-12:45„Experience in SMA treatment in estonian population.“-Inga Talvik, Estonia
         12:45-13:00Oral Abstracts
         12:45-12:50O4 -Fatty Acid Hydroxylase associated Neurodegeneration (FAHN): a case report and the importance of diagnostics - Alisa Rjabikova, Latvia
         12:50-13:00O5 - Sleep disordered breathing in patients with SMA and DMD: A cohort retrospevtive study - Tina Cupane, Latvia

    Lunch, exhibition


    Spasticity reduction

         14:00-14:15„Botulinumtoxin and spasticity: pro“-Marcin Bonikowski, Poland
         14:15-14:30„Botulinumtoxin and spasticity: contra.“-Antigone S Papavasiliou, Greece
         14:30-14:45„Intrathecal baclofen : long term results.“-Teele Meren, Estonia
         14:45-15:00„Selective dorsal rhizotomy : long term results.“-Jeremy Bauer, USA
         15:00-15:15„The evidence based rehabilitation approaches to improve the outcome of SDR.“-Anna-Liisa Saare, Switzerland
         15:15-15:30„Implementation of SDR program in small population country.“-Tarmo Areda, Estonia
         15:30-15:45Oral abstracts
         15:30-15:35O6 - Long-Term Results Equinus Deformity Treatment Of The Feet By Ulzibat And Strayer Surgery Methods In Children With Cerebral Palsy - Paviel Rakhman, Ukraine
         15:35-15:40O7 - An overview of the cases of spastic diplegia subtype of cerebral palsy in the Children’s Clinic of Tartu University Hospital - Liis Rull, Estonia

    Coffee break, exhibition



         16:15-16:30„Transition from childhood to adulthood for disabled children in different countries.“-Uri Givon, Israel
         16:30-16:45„Habilitation for the real world.“-Deirde Mcdowell, USA
         16:45-17:00„Do AI and technological change improve inclusion and adaptive options for humans with disabilities“-Marek Jóźwiak, Poland
         17:00-17:15„What do we know about QoL in the disabled community?“-Garen Koloyan, Armenia
         17:15-17:30„Transition to adult care for Myelomeningocele – a change of perspective seven years after establishing a center for adults with severe disabilities.“-Stephan Martin, Germany
         17:30-17:35O8 - Investigation of age-related gait decline and potential mechanisms behind it in adults with cerebral palsy - Anders Gravholt, France
         17:35-17:45Roundtable „Life with disability.“
         17:45-18:00Invited guest-Estonia. Open stage.
    18:00End of the first day

    Networking event (conference venue), does not include entertainment

    Friday, June 14th



         09:00-09:30„Principles and philosophy behind high-tech motion analysis“-Elke Viehweger, Switzerland
         09:30-09:45„Gait analysis in mid-income countries.“-Uri Givon, Israel
         09:45-10:00„Focus on Functioning: adopting an ICF-based approach in your practice“-Verónica Schiariti, Canada
         10:00-10:15„Effective rehabilitation in young adults“-Kirsti Pedak, Estonia
         10:15-10:30„Consistent functional improvement Rehabilitation vs sport.“-Evrim Karadağ Saygı, Turkey,
         10:30-10:35"Becoming a paralympian" - Pii Metsavars, Estonia
         10:35-10:45Oral abstracts
         10:35-10:40O9 - Changes in Lower Extremity Kinematics with Free and Restricted Arm Swings in Children with Cerebral Palsy - Meltem Çelik, Turkey
         10:40-10:45O10 - Real-world one-year rehabilitation of cerebral palsy in Estonia: an analysis of population-wide data - Grete Elanor Palgi, Estonia

    Coffee break, exhibition



         11:15-11:30„What can we expect from fetal surgery in spina bifida?“-Sevgi Sarikaya-Seiwert, Germany
         11:30-11:45„How orthotic devices can improve function in spina bifida?“-Marc Damerau, Germany
         11:45-12:00„Social continence in spina bifida.“-Laura Zirel, Estonia
         12:00-12:15„Do improvements in shunt surgery correlate with mental ability?“-Sevgi Sarikaya-Seiwert, Germany
         12:15-12:30„Neuromotor and cognitive outcome at 5 years of age after open fetal repair for spina bifida.“-Beth Padden, Switzerland
         12:30-13:00Oral Abstracts
         12:30-12:35O11 - Estonian national registry of the patients with neural tube defects: 2023 update and findings - Ann Paal, Estonia

    Lunch, exhibition


    Orthotics and robotics

         14:00-14:15„Robotics in postsurgery rehabilitation.“-Marek Jóźwiak, Poland
         14:15-14:30„Orthotics - the higher the better ,the lower the worse?“-Sharon Eylon, Israel
         14:30-14:50„Resources for robotics.“-Shlomo Hayek, Dafna Gutman, Israel
         14:50-15:00„Do our good intentions in prescribing orthotics correlate to our patients QoL?“-Julia Funk, Germany
         15:00-15:30Oral Abstracts. Roundtable
         15:00-15:05O12 - Effects of whole-body vibration on bone mineral density of children with Down syndrome: a systematic review - Uljana Matvejeva, Latvia

    Coffee break, exhibition


    Varia. Small but able

         16:15-16:30„Mucopolysaccharidosis: what's new?“-Natalie Weinhold, Germany
         16:30-16:45„Whats new in the treatment of achondroplasia?“-Jürgen Rünk, Estonia
         16:45-16:55„Down's syndrome - better inclusion, longer life?“-Susanne Lebek, Germany
         16:55-17:05Does disability have influence on mental health?-Margus Lõokene, Estonia
        17:05-17:15„ Role of mTOR inhibitors in prevention of tuberous sclerosis complex“-Sergiusz Jozwiak, Poland
        17:15-17:30Disabled/little people in art-historian Mareli Reinhold, Estonia
    17:30End of the second day

    Gala dinner (extra charge applies, Seaplane Harbor of Maritime Museum, Vesilennuki 6)

    Saturday, June 15th


    Hip surveillance

         09:00-09:30„Hip surveillance -past, present, future“-Gunnar Hägglund, Sweden
         09:30-10:00„Are the indications for hip surgery different in CP, NMD and spina bifida?“-Freeman Miller, USA
         10:00-10:15"Hip dysplasia in neurologic cases" - Andrey Smirnov, Estonia
         10:15-10:30„Presentation of EEMCPDM survey results“-Jana Kritt, Estonia
         10:30-10:45Oral abstracts
         10:30-10:35O13 - A Five-Year Population-Based Study on the Radiological Outcomes of Hip Surgery on the Radiological Outcomes of Hip Surgery - Nikolaos Kiapekos , Sweden

    Coffee break, exhibition

    11:15-13:30Patient day session in English: "Patients to doctors, doctors to patients"Patsiendipäeva sessioon Eesti keeles “Patsiendid arstidele, arstid patsientidele”
    • 11:15-11:30 „Transition problems in the life of Estonian patients“- Katrin Nugis, EPIKoda, Estonia
    • 11:30-12:00 „Introduction of the POGA centre- Latvia
    • 12:00-12:30 „Introduction of Haapsalu Neurological Rehabilitation Centre“- Estonia
    • 12:30-12:45 Special quest: Is it a privilege to be 21 years old with SMA?- Hendra Raud, Estonia
    • 12:45-13:00 (TBC)- Adeli, Estonia
    • 13:00-14:00 „The development of physical abilities and health indices in healthy children with different physical activity“- Eva-Maria Riso, Estonia
    • 11:15-11:30 „Special guest: Kas olla SMA diagnoosiga 21-aastane on privileeg?“ - Hendra Raud, Eesti
    • 11:30-12:00 „SDR teekond: ühe lapse näitel Lastehaiglast Haapsaluni“
    • 12:00-12:30„Eesti patsientide üleminek: väljakutsed“ - Katrin Nugis, EPIkoda, Eesti
    • 12:30-12:45 (TBC)- Adeli, Eesti
    • 12:45-13:00 Special guest - Allar Tael, Eesti
    • 13:00-14:00 „Ümarlaud: Patsiendid ja spetsialistid.“ Osalevad: Füsioterapeut (Jaanika Ailt), neuroloog (Teele Meren), logopeed (Helen Saareoja ), ETL, lapsevanem (Liis Türbsal), EPIKoda (Katrin Nugis)

    Closing session

    Workshops programme

    Thursday, June 13

    11:45"Bracing in neurologic scoliosis cases"- Neja, Germany
    Time to be confirmed"How to use Kids Fracture tool in practise?" - Topi Laaksonen, BCB Medical

    Friday, June 14

    09:00"How to organize interdisciplinary care for severely impaired patients" - Stephan Martin, Brigit Mahlmann, Germany
    Time to be confirmed"How to use Kids Fracture tool in practise?" - Topi Laaksonen, BCB Medical
    Time to be confirmed"Idiopathic Toe Walking: An update on diagnosis, genetics and treatment outcomes" - Jeremy Bauer, USA
    Time to be confirmedOrthotic devices - Gottinger, Germany and Ortoosimeister, Estonia

    15-20 June Conference post-tours (extra charge applies)

    • 15.06.2024 at 15:00 - 3-hour Tallinn Sightseeing Tour
    • 15.06.2024 at 15:00 - Lahemaa National Park and bog walk
    • 15.06.24 at 15:00 - SUP hike with a visit to Rummu ash hill
    • 15.06.2024 at 20:00 - Medieval theatrical dinner in Olde Hansa Restaurant
    • 16-17.06.24 at 08:00 - 2 days tour to islands Hiiumaa and Saaremaa (program ends in Tallinn 17.06.24 at 18:00)
    • 16-20.06.2024 at 08:00 - 5-days tour Baltic Pearls (program ends in Vilnius 20.06.24 at 15:00)
    All tours departure in front of Sokos Hotel Viru


    Important Dates

    • 01 December 2023 Registration Open
    • 01 November 2023 Abstract Submission Open
    • 31 March 2024 Abstract Submission Deadline
    • 05 April 2024 Abstract Evaluation Deadline
    • 08 April 2024 Abstract Notification Deadline
    • 15 April 2024 Early Registration Deadline

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