Baltic Atherosclerosis Society Congress 2018 Tallinn

Event Programme

Friday, 06 April

08:00-08:45Registration Open / Arrival Tea and Coffee
Chair: Alberico Catapano (IT), Gustavs Latkovskis (LV), Béla Merkely (HU),
Margus Viigimaa (EE)

Welcome speech by Mr. Jüri Ratas, Prime Minister of Republic of Estonia
Lipid management in secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease
Baltic Atherosclerosis Society – European Atherosclerosis Society joint session

Chair: Maciej Banach (PL), Alberico Catapano (IT), Margus Viigimaa (EE)
  • Lipid-lowering therapy: present and future developments. Keynote lecture. Alberico Catapano (IT)
  • Novel pathways of atherogenesis and challenging therapeutic targets. Rimvydas Slapikas (LT)
  • Statin intolerance definition, diagnosis and management in 2018. Maciej Banach (PL)
  • Current development of lipid management in Baltic countries. Margus Viigimaa (EE)
10:45-11:15Coffee break, Press conference
Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes

Chair: Peter Nilsson (SE), Lars Rydén (SE), Vallo Volke (EE)
  • Cardiovascular outcome trials in type 2 diabetes. Lessons learned from the perspective of a cardiologist. Keynote lecture. Lars Rydén (SE)
  • Antidiabetic drugs and cardiovascular risk – endocrinologist’s point of view. Vallo Volke (EE)
  • Cardiovascular risk management in diabetes and hypertension. Peter Nilsson (SE)
13:30-15:10Satellite Symposia
Integrating anti-PCSK9 therapy into secondary prevention of CVD

Chair: Chair: Margus Viigimaa (EE), Gustavs Latkovskis (LV)
  • Role of PCSK9 inhibition in secondary prevention.Alberico Catapano (IT)
  • FOURIER: PCSK9 inhibition decreases CV events in high-risk patients. Terje Pedersen (NO)
  • Effectiveness and safety of very low LDL-c values with evolocumab: lowest is best. Alberico Catapano (IT)
  • Which patients could benefit from treatment in clinical practice? Alberico Catapano (IT)
14:20-15:05Berlin-Chemie Menarini
Chair: Chair: Margus Viigimaa (EE)
Invitation to Berlin-Chemie Menarini Satellite Symposia in PDF-format.
  • The newest guidelines on hypertension: focus on tight blood pressure control. Margus Viigimaa (EE)
  • Uncontrolled hypertension – time to act. Lessons learned from case studies. Kārlis Trušinskis (LV)
  • Discussion
Atherosclerosis and heart
Baltic Atherosclerosis Society – European Society of Cardiology joint session

Chair: Béla Merkely (HU), Aleksandras Laucevicius (LT), Terje Pedersen (NO)
  • Lipid-lowering therapy in the future: Will statins still be the basis? Terje Pedersen (NO)
  • Prevention of sudden cardiac death - the role of implantable devices. Béla Merkely (HU)
  • Is metabolic syndrome high or moderate cardiovascular (cardiometabolic) risk entity: results of Lithuanian High Cardiovascular Risk (LitHiR) programme. Aleksandras Laucevicius (LT)
  • How to improve BP Control? Novel Initiatives. Serap Erdine (TR)
  • Discussion
16:40-17:00Coffee break
17:00-18:40Satellite Symposia
17:00-17:45Boehringer Ingelheim
Anticoagulation Management In Special Situations- Innovative or Conservative Treatment?
Invitation to Boehringer Ingelheim Satellite Symposia in PDF-format.
  • Rewire your thinking on AF ablation. Kārlis Trusinskis (LV)
  • Improving care decisions after coronary revascularization. Elena Baranova (RUS)
Treat to success or treat to failure. What does real life tell us about Type 2 DM?
Invitation to AstraZeneca Satellite Symposia in PDF-format.
Chair: Kārlis Trusinskis (LV), Kristīne Ducena (LV)
Familial hypercholesterolemia

Chair: Gustavs Latkovskis (LV), Michal Vrablik (CZ)
  • Three-year experience of the Latvian Registry of Familial Hypercholesterolemia: challenges and achievements. Gustavs Latkovskis (LV)
  • Familial hypercholesterolemia screening: International and national initiatives.
    Žaneta Petrulionienė (LT)
  • FH management: expectations and reality. Michal Vrablik (CZ)
  • Discussion: Familial Hypercholesterolemia registries in Europe and in Baltic countries
Coronary atherosclerosis: physiology and management

Chair: Sergei Nazarenko (EE), Kārlis Trušinskis (LV)
  • Vascular restoration therapy: the role of intravascular imaging guided plaque modification prior drug eluting stent or bioresorbable scaffold implantation. Andrejs Ērglis (LV)
  • Vascular Protection by Factor Xa Inhibition in Patients with Coronary and/or Peripheral Artery Disease. Kārlis Trusinskis (LV)
  • Role of 18F-FDG-PET/CT in Management of Atherosclerotic Plaque: Current Evidence. Sergei Nazarenko (EE)
20:00-22:00Welcome reception at Valuutabaar (Hard Currency Bar), Congress Venue

Saturday, 07 April

Cardiovascular risk factors and management

Chair: Irina Chazova (RU), Iveta Mintāle (LV)
  • Impact of chronic stress on atherosclerosis process. Dovile Karciauskaite (LT)
  • Arterial hypertension and atherosclerosis: data from Russian national registry. Irina Chazova (RU)
  • Lifestyle management in cardiovascular prevention. Iveta Mintāle (LV)
Goals in blood pressure, lipids and glucose. Are we treating well?

Chair: Serap Erdine (TR), Andrejs Ērglis (LV), Rimvydas Slapikas (LT)
  • Goals in blood pressure. Peter Nilsson (SE)
  • Goals in lipids. Gustavs Latkovskis (LV)
  • Goals in glucose. Mart Roosimaa (EE)
11:00-11:20Coffee break
History of the Baltic Society of Atherosclerosis. General Assembly

Chair: Zita Kučinskienė (LT), Gustavs Latkovskis (LV), Margus Viigimaa (EE)
Personalised diagnostics and treatment of atherosclerotic disease

Chair: Valdis Pīrāgs (LV), Peeter Ross (EE)
  • From Biobanking to Precision Medicine and beyond: the Estonian Experience. Andres Metspalu (EE)
  • Using the principles of stratified medicine to individualize treatment strategies for diabetic patients. Experience from the Latvian Genome Data Base. Valdis Pīrāgs (LV)
  • Importance of data quality in nation-wide e-health system for personalized medicine decision support applications. Peeter Ross (EE)
12:50-13:00Closing remarks
13:00Say Goodbye Coffee